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Environmental Education

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Sustainability Ambassadors & King County

What do we mean by "living textbook"?

Real learning based on real experience

Our urban watersheds are facing serious problems with pollution, biodiversity, and increasing resource demand. Educators want to teach these issues outside of the classroom, and are transforming their practices though "Project Based Learning" techniques.

Project based learning with student driven cartography

We created a custom map to open up government data and bring it into the classroom. Then students venture outside and report their projects on the map, and measure their overall contribution to sustainability goals set forth by our local institutions.

Building new standards across districts

Unlike the usual curriculum that varies between school districts, we took a watershed approach to connect schools from the upper portions of the Green river down to the toxic waterway that drains through Seattle's industrial corridor.

It's all one watershed. Our actions and our understanding now have a chance to be connected in a tangible and meaningful way.

7th grade students teach a group of stunned adults how watersheds work in our region
Living text book, watershed screenshot
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