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Public Planning

Build better communities, with equitable feedback on public land proposals

New York Restoration Project

How do we make sure all voices are heard when it comes to green space in America's busiest city?

Residents have an easy way to share their ideas and feedback.

A map powered online survey to accompany public meetings

When it comes to open space and community gardens, it's important to make sure everyone's voice can be heard. But not everyone has the time or energy to attend another meeting with their busy schedules.

We designed a series of maps to help the New York Restoration Project gather input while talking to residents face to face, as well as those who can't attend the meetings first hand.

A graphical summary of comments built into the tool
Administrators can filter and highlight best comments

Matched with real climate data to prioritize outcomes

Residents across the city can also see the bigger picture. We built custom GIS layers that display urban heat islands and future flood predictions.

You can read about our full methodology here

A measurable outcome

Recommendations and concerns from local residents are now well documented and ready for administration by the New York Restoration Project. We are eager to work with new partners who want to improve community input on their own custom map.

Please contact us and let us know about your upcoming endeavors.

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